Surfrowing, also known as Surfboat

548980_10151123305601214_167531663_nThe sport is born as a way of rescuing on Australian beaches in the early 20th century.

This rescue way is now replaced by mechanical means, but it is still a sport practiced and a category competed at the beach sports « Olympics » in Australia.

In recent years, too, purely surfboat/surfrowing regattas have been organized like the « ocean thunder. »

Unlike rowing, sports gets comfortable sponsorship, thanks to a more open policy of the introduction of advertising.

From 2002, our club has become the surfrowing league Belgium and in 2004 we founded with the British (mainly Cornish), the French and the Dutch, the ESRF, European Surfrowers Federation. Since this, several other European countries have joined the federation after having developed the sport at home.

Surfrowing is practiced with four rowers in a boat with a coxswain, called « sweep ». Each rower handles a much longer oar than with Olympic rowing and the “sweep” stear the boat with an even longer old fashion oar.

If the oars of the rowers followed the evolution of the Olympic rowing oars, the « sweep » remained an old wooden oar unchanged for centuries.

The surfboat/surfrowing is rowed of on the sea and waves. The competitions take place on 300 or 400 meters. Boats leave from the beach, go to a buoy, to row round it and return to the beach, making the best, using a its maximum, the different waves, surfing the waves.

The races are very spectacular but it is the waves and competence of teams, especially the « sweep », which decide.

There are also « raids » over longer distances and even much longer distances.

Our season resumes in mid-May in our countries but also depending on the weather. Contact us if you want to participate in our « outputs ».

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Surfrowing and surfboat